APART (Artificial Intelligence Powered Advanced Red Teaming) is a genuine red teaming method originally designed by a diverse group of professionals from a wide spectrum of expertise. APART, supported by cutting edge technologies -primarily the human-augmented artificial intelligence-, enables planners, decision makers and managers to assess their plans, assumptions and preparedness for the future as well as their current status and performance in multiple scenarios within a plausibility universe through a realistic simulation of threats, adversaries, environment.

APART offers both active and passive red teaming services at all levels (strategic, operational, tactical) for a wide range of enterprises

  • NGOs
  • Corporations
  • Academia
  • Government Institutions

Readiness for everything possible is crying for the moon; our promise is preparedness for everything plausible beyond the horizon.

The APART team consists of two types of staffing: in-house and interim. In-house staff are distinguished professionals from a broad spectrum of background and expertise: scholars, IT professionals, AI/ML experts, business professionals and former military officers deeply experienced in homeland security, counter-terrorism, wargaming, strategic management & planning. Where necessary, additional staff is hired ad interim on the basis of case-specific requirements, such as a biochemist, a band of white hat hackers or a cryptologist.


From statistically possible to smartly plausible

We are fearless as outsiders, responsible as insiders!

  • 01


    Are you ready for what is to come? Yes? So, you have multiple contingency plans, how nice! Have you tested them? Have you assessed the plausibility of your scenarios, verified the validity of your courses of action, decently simulated all threats including black swans (Oh, yes, there ARE black swans)? You did these with your own people? All insiders? Individuals who are inherently on your side, who think within your mind frame? Alright. YOU need APART!

  • 02

    Government Institutions

    Imagine a bunch of well-educated smart guys producing reports and devising policy advice for future security environment. One tiny problem: They are probably from similar demographics & same nationality, they have similar education, similar experience, similar worldviews and worst of all, they probably groupthink. Oh no, even worst, they groupthink within hierarchical roles. Is this you? YOU need APART!

  • 03


    Universities around the world offer similar curricula on Homeland Security, Political Science and International Relations, Public Administration, etc. Common thread to all this is that they rely on theory rather than practice. Millions of future HS professionals, public administrators, politicians and decision-makers read the same papers, adopt the same assumptions, fear the same threats and think within the same box. What if a Crisis Operations Management lecture was conducted on the basis of scenario designed by a group of professionals who have relevant expertise that allows them to think, plan and act like a terrorist? What if it was not just one type of terrorist but a diverse range of global, regional or even local armed groups? What if, as chance would have it, these red teamers have individually interviewed hundreds of terrorists in person so that they can’t help laughing at how theory describes these individuals? Does raising down-to-earth HS professionals in a scenario-based learning environment sound interesting to you? Then, YOU need APART!

  • 04

    NGOs and INGOs

    This is probably the most fun. NGOs need to prepare for the future which will mostly be shaped or at least shifted by disruptive, noncompliant, unpredictable, immoral, ambiguous and/or irrational actors along with an environment influenced by various and variable factors. NGOs are not profit-oriented and they usually run on a limited budget. Staff are probably the most decent and benevolent men and women on earth with the cleanest records available. If you are that NGO who needs a realistic, smart and merciless outsider look on your plans and projections, YOU need APART!


APART is a novel methodology supported by ERAU-W and Hybridcore. If you/your institution want to be part of or learn more about APART, please contact us. We may organize special webinars/bulletin for your questions, thoughts, and ideas.